Dertiende boorgat waterhole
Explanation of name: (english: thirteenth borehole). It's the thirteenth borehole created for the Union troops in 1908. The original name of the borehole was "Grootskrij", Afrikaans for "Big diarrhoea", but this translation didn't sound too attractive. The name Grootskrij (and Kleinskrij for fourteenth bore hole) was derived from the story of a traveller's cattle suffering diarrhoea after eating tsamma melons and drinking the water. The name served as a warning to those arriving later.
Photography: The waterhole is located directly at the southern side of a loop road, offering great opportunities for photography all day. The fields around Dertiende Boorgat are quite popular with grazers like wildebeest. We've seen lions regularly here.
GPS Coordinates: S25 58 14.0 E20 16 43.8 (Google Maps)