The Gharagab track

Gharagab 4x4 track
The Gharagab 4x4 trail is al one-way track for Gharagab overnight visitors. On the stretch from Union's End to Gharagab Camp the track passes by the Gharagab waterhole. On the way back to the main road, you can view the remains of Dankbaar waterhole. This waterhole has been closed because the water is needed for Gharagab camp.

Union's End to Gharagab
The road to Gharagab camp crosses many small dunes, however it is relatively easy to drive, being not extremely sandy and relatively flat. The dunes boast a variety of grass, trees and shrubs

Gharagab to Lijerdraai loop
From Gharagab to the main road is also a relaxed drive with only one difficult hill, right at the end of the dunes, just before arriving at the Lijerdraai loop road. The landscape is diverse with grass scrubs and trees.


Union's End to Gharagab camp

Gharagab camp to Lijersdraai loop