Bitterpan track

Bitterpan 4x4 trail
The Bitterpan 4x4 trail is a one-way track for 'residents only'. With four cabins at Bitterpan this means a maximum of four vehicles per day. It is a great opportunity to quietly enjoy the Kalahari dunes all by yourself.

Nossob to Bitterpan
The road starts in the camping area of Nossob camp. It is just a track in the red dunes. Some dunes are challenging to cross, at some dunes the track is extremely corrugated at the top of the dune.
Dankbaar waterhole is an nice place to stop for lunch and enjoy the birdlife at the waterhole. Nababies waterhole is closed.

Bitterpan to Auob river (at Craig Lockhart waterhole)
The dunes have lots of grass and scrubs, but only few large scrubs and trees. During the drive you can experience a noticable difference between driving, relatievely easy alongside or, fairly bumpy, perpendicular to the dune combs.
Both waterholes along the route are closed. At the end of the road you can overlook Craig Lockhart waterhole


Nossob to Bitterpan

Bitterpan to Auon river