Bull: Shoulder height 1,2 m; tail 45 cm; mass 140 kg; average horn length 34 cm
Cow: Shoulder height 1,2 m; tail 45 cm; mass 126 kg; average horn length 34 cm
Rather hartebeest-like in general appearance, with long face and sloping back. Upperparts dark reddish-brown with distinct purplish sheen. Bulls darker than cows. Head, lower shoulder and upper parts of legs darker in colour than rest of body. Lower parts of legs are brownish-yellow, with pale-fawn tail base and inner thighs. Black tassel on end half of tail. Both sexes have horns; lyrate and ringed except at the tip.
Open savanna woodland with adjacent grassland and surface water.
Small herds of 5 or 6 individuals but sometimes number up to 30 or more, especially near water or favourable grazing. A territorial bull maintains a defended area, within which the cows and young animals live permanently.
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(en) Tsessebe
(sc) Damaliscus lunatus
(nl) Lierantilope
(af) Tsessebe