Common duiker

Ram: Shoulder height 50 cm; tail 12 cm; mass 18 kg; average horn length 11 cm
Ewe: Shoulder height 50 cm; tail 12 cm; mass 21 kg
Uniform grey-brown to reddish-yellow upperparts and paler (sometimes white) underparts. Black blaze of variable length on face. Short tail black above and white below. Front surfaces of slender forelegs are dark brown or black. On top of head there is usually a crest of long hair. Ram has well-ringed, sharp-pointed horns.
Wide range of habitats but prefers scrub and bush-covered country.
Usually single but sometimes pairs. Active in early morning and late afternoon but also at night. Lies low when disturbed but on too-close approach takes off at a zigzag run.
Reproduction: single 1,6 kg lamb may be born in any month
Wide variety of browse species; also agricultural crops.
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(en) Common duiker
(sc) Sylvicapra grimmia
(nl) Gewone duiker
(af) Gewone duiker