Shoulder height 90 cm; mass 62 kg; average horn length 43 cm
Higher at the shoulder than at the rump, long, pointed head with both sexes carrying simple lyre-shaped horns.
Body colour is rich, dark brown with purple gloss, particularly rams are darker on the sides and upper limbs. On the face a white blaze, usually unbroken, but narrow between the eyes. The buttocks are always white. Lower part of the limbs are usually white.
Coastal plain within the Cape fynbos vegetation zone, it requires short grass and some cover.
Diurnal, but less active during the hoter midday hours. Characteristically stand head down in groups facing the sun.
Territorial rams hold their areas throughout the year and ewe/lamb groups numbering from 6 - 10 wander at will through adjoining territories. Ewe groups are herded during the January-March rut. Bachlor herds usually establish home ranges away from those held by territorial rams.
Grasses, but will browse occasionally.
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(en) Bontebok
(sc) Damaliscus pygarus dorcas
(nl) Bontebok
(af) Bontebok