Ram: Shoulder height 75 cm; tail 25 cm; mass 41 kg; average horn length 35 cm
Ewe: Shoulder height 75 cm; tail 25 cm; mass 37 kg; average horn length ?
Hindquarters of this distinctive antilope appear to be slightly higher than shoulders. Dark red-brown band along flanks separates fawn-brown upperparts from white underparts. Head is white with a brown stripe running through eye to corner of upper lip. A large white patch on rump is bordered by brown stripe. There is a long-haired, white dorsal crest extending from the midpoint of the back to the rump; this is normally seen only when the crest is erected, for example during 'pronking'. The pronk is a jump perfomed with stiff legs accompanied by arching of the back. Tail is white with tuft of black hairs at tip. Both sexes have heavily ridged, lyre-shaped horns but ram's are thicker and longer.
Open arid plains. Surface water is not essential.
Normally in small herds but when moving to new feeding-grounds may congregate in herds of many thousands. Small herds may be mixed of consist of rams only; solitary rams are frequently encountered. Sprinbok rams are territorial and in rut herd ewe groups; they do not, however, remain in their territories throughout the year. Springbok are active during the cooler daylight hours but also partly at night.
Grass and browse; will dig for roots and bulbs.
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(sc) Antidorcas marsupialis
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