Ram: Shoulder height 60 cm; tail 8 cm; mass 10 kg; average horn length 8 cm
Ewe: Shoulder height 60 cm; tail 8 cm; mass 13 kg
A small, stocky antilope with coarse, spiny hair. General colour yellow-brown to grey-yellow, with an overall grizzled appearance. Underparts, chin and lips are white. Ears are rounded, broad and bordered with black. Heavily built appearance caused by hair standing on end instead of lying flat as with other antilope. Characteristically walks on tips of hoofs. Only ram has horns; these are short, widely separated at the base, vertically placed and ringed only near base.
Rocky habitat only.
Occur in pairs or small family groups. Adult ram is territorial. Extremely agile in moving across rocky terrain and up steep rock-covered slopes. Frequently stop to look back when running from a disturbance and both sexes give loud nasal alarm whistles. Use communal dung-heaps, which are usually situated on flat areas. Active in morning and in later afternoon but throughout the day when cool.
Predominantly browse but grass taken occasionally.
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(en) Klipspringer
(sc) Oreotragus oreotragus
(nl) Klipspringer
(af) Klipspringer