Red-breasted swallow

This very dark swallow could be confused with Mosque Swallow, from which it doffers by its red throat and breast and dark buff, not white, underwing coverts. Smaller and shorter-tailed Red-rumped Swallow is much paler and streaked below, and has a blue cap that does not extend below the eye, a complete rusty nuchal collar and the flight feathers appear pale grey, not black, from below.
Juvenile has a creamy white throat and breast but differs from adult Mosque Swallow by its buffy, not white, underwing coverts.
Grassland and savanna.
A soft, warbling song; twittering notes are uttered in flight.


(en) Red-breasted swallow
(sc) Cecropis semirufa
(nl) Roodborstzwaluw
(af) Rooiborsswael