Black kite

Differs from smaller common buzzard by the longer, forked tail and the narrower wings, which are more acutely angled backwards in flight. Although much the same size, African marsh-harrier has a longer, square-ended tail and flies with the wings canted up; black kite has a floppy flight action and twists its long tail for steering. It differs from yellow-billed kite in having a black bill (but a yellowish cere), a paler greyer head and a less deeply forked tail.
Juvenile has buffy feather margins.
Diverse; from forest edge to savanna and semi-desert. Often found in flocks at termite emergences.
A high-pitched, shrill whinnying.


(en) Black kite
(sc) Milvus migrans
(nl) Zwarte wouw
(af) Swartwou