Black-shouldered kite

A small easily identified grey-and-white raptor with diagnostic black shoulder patches. It has a characteristic habit of hovering and, when perched, often wags its white tail up and down.
Juvenile is morebuffy than adult, with a scalloped, brown-washed, grey tail and dark shoulders.
A wide range of open habitats, but most common in agricultural areas; often seen perched on telephone poles and lines.
They nest in a stick platform at the top of a tree with access from above and lay 3 - 4 eggs, normally at the end of the rains to capitalise on rodent numbers.
A high-pitched, whistled 'peeeu', a soft 'weep' and a rasping 'wee-ah'.


(en) Black-shouldered kite
(sc) Elanus caeruleus
(nl) Grijze wouw
(af) Blouvalk