Wahlberg's eagle eating a dwarf mongoose

Feeding habits
This bird takes a veriety of foods. It forages for food on the ground. It hunts for small reptiles such as lizards, geckos and bush snakes. The Wahlberg's Eagle strikes poisonous snakes on the head with one fatal blow which kills the snake instantly. It also attacks small birds in flight, using its sharp claws to break the bird's neck, but it can also kill birds in their nests
or on the ground. The diet includes small mammals such as rabbits, field mice and other rodents. Rodents are usually taken from the ground and killed using the sharp claws. The Wahlberg's Eagle uses its hard bill to tear up the flesh.

In this instance we spotted the bird when it had already caugt a dwarf mongoose. It perched on a high branch to enjoy its meal.

(en) Wahlberg's eagle
(sc) Hieraaetus wahlbergi
(nl) Wahlberg-arend
(af) Bruinarend