Tawny eagle mating

Breeding habits
The tawny eagle's breeding season varies according to location, but most commonly occurs in the dry season. Courtship consists of aerial displays, during which this normally silent species makes a series of noisy croaks and grunts. After mating, a large, flat nest is constructed from sticks lined with grass and leaves, usually at the top of a thorny tree or very occasionally on a power pylon. A clutch of two eggs is laid, which hatch after around 39 to 44 days. During the early stages of the 77 to 84 day fledging period, while the chicks are still small, the eldest chick may kill the younger sibling. A single nest may be used repeatedly for many years, so long as the crown of the tree remains unaltered. Tawny eagles have a relatively long lifespan, reaching up to 16 years. 'source: http://eol.org/pages/914149/details
This observation
In this case, when we arrived, one tawny was eating and it was not sharing. The mating activity took place after the meal.

(en) Tawny eagle
(sc) Aquila rapax
(nl) Afrikaanse steppearend
(af) Roofarend