Spotted thick-knee displaying

Spotted thick-knees are monogamous birds. They are generally nocturnal. When defendign a nest it may adopt a defensive pose with wings spread and its tail cocked, sometimes even pecking an intruder.
Usually spotted thick-knees nest in spring or early summer. They nest on the ground using straws and leaves to mark the nest, which is usually located under a bush. Both parents incubate the two to three egss and both parents bring food to the chicks.

We observed these displaying thick-knees, a group of three birds, during the day in november. It may have been two males trying to win the fouvours of a female, but it may also have been a thick-knee defending its offspring from an intruder. Anyway, it was exciting to see these usually quiet birds both very vocal and active.

(en) Spotted thick-knee
(sc) Burhinus capensis
(nl) Kaapse griel
(af) Gewone dikkop