White-crowned lapwing (plover)

This large lapwing, with its distinctive pendulous, yellow wattles, might be confused with African Wattled Lapwing, but the latter species has a dark (not white) breast. White-crowned Lapwing is also identified by a white stripe running from the forehead to the nape. In flight, the upperwings appear very white, with only the outermost primaries and inner coverts being black. The underwings are white except for the outer primaries. The tail is predominantly black.
Juvenile is similar to adult but has a brownish crown and barring on the upperparts. Its wattles are smaller than those of adult.
Sandbanks and sandbars of major rivers.
A repeated, ringing 'peek-peek'.


(en) White-crowned lapwing
(sc) Vanellus albiceps
(nl) Witkruinkievit
(af) Witkopkiewiet