Tree squirrel

Total length 35 cm; tail 16 cm; mass 100 - 260 gr
Very variable is size and colour. in general animals from western areas are greyer and eastern animals are more yellow-brown. Underparts range from fawn to white. Body has a generally grizzled appearance.
It occurs widely in the northern and north-eastern parts of southern Africa.
A wide vaiaty of woodland habitats but not true high forest.
Although it is usually seen singly or in mother and young groups, a number of animals live in close association. The adult male or males in a group will defend a territory against incursions by other squirrels. As with other squirrel species it is very vocal.
A wide variety of plant food and also insects.
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(en) Tree squirrel
(sc) Paraxerus cepapi
(nl) Afrikaanse boomeekhoorn
(af) Boomeekhoring