Cape hare

Total length 45 - 60 cm; tail 7 - 14 cm.
; mass 1,4 - 2,5 kg
Considerable variety in size from area to area, generally smaller than scrub hare. Long ears, hindlegs are much longer than forelegs. Tail short and fluffy.
Cape hare has upperparts varying from light brown and black flecked to whitish grey (in the north). Its chest varies from not white to white (north), obdomen is white. colouring of nose and cheeks varies from yellowish to pale grey (northern animals). It has a nuchal patch (on nape of neck, behind ears) that varies from brownish pink to pale grey (northern animals).
Cape hare prefers dry open habitat.
Nocturnal, but some early morning and late afternoon activity may occur. Lies up in shallow indentations in the ground. Usually relies on camouflage when approached, only getting up and running off in the last minute. Normally zigzag, often at high speed.
Predominantly grazing, but will feed on other plants.
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(en) Cape hare
(sc) Lepus capensis
(nl) Kaapse haas
(af) Vlakhaas