Southern Reedbuck

Shoulder height 80 - 90 cm; tail 25 cm; mass 50 - 70 kg; average horn length 30 cm
Medium-sizes antelope with brown or greyish-fawn upperparts, although head and neck are slightly lightre. Underparts are white. Short, bushy tail is grey-fawn above and white below. There is a vertical stripe on the forwardfacing surface of forelegs. Ears are broad and rounded and white on the inside
Only the ram has horns and they are curved forward and transversely ridged from the base for two-thirds of their length.
Reedbuck requires tall-grass areas and reed-beds as well as permanent water. It avoids bush areas.
Usually in pairs or family groups but up to twenty on occasion. A pair occupies a territory, which is defended by the ram. Both nocturnal and diurnal. Loud alarm whistle emitted through the nostrils when the animal is disturbed, or by rams advertising their territory.
Reproduction: Birth peak in summer. Gestation 220 days. Single lamb weighs 4,5 kg; hidden for 2 months, then accompanies ewe; both join ram at 3-4 months.
Reedbuck are predominantly grazers but do take browse on occasion.
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(en) Southern Reedbuck
(sc) Redunca arundinum
(nl) Rietbok
(af) Rietbok