Grey rhebok

Shoulder height 75 cm; tail 10 cm; mass 20 kg; average horn length 20 cm
A gracefully built antilope with a grey, thick woolly coat. The underparts are pure white. The short bushy tail is grey above and white underneath and at the tip. Ears are long and narrow. Only the male has the vertical almost straight horns. The large black nose has a somewhat swollen appearance.
Usually hill or mountain country but also in the wheatlands of the southwest, particularly in the Bredasdorp and Swellendam districts.
Normally in small family parties consisting of a territorial adult ram, several ewes and their young. Active by day. Gives vent to a sharp snort at regular intervals when disturbed or alarmed. Runs with rocking-horse motion displaying whote underside of tail as warning signal.
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(en) Grey rhebok
(sc) Pelea capreolus
(nl) Reebokantilope
(af) Vaalribbok