Small grey mongoose (Cape grey mongoose)

Total length 55 - 69 cm; tail 20 - 34 cm; mass 500 - 1000 g
Uniform light to dark grey above, appearing grizzled at close quarters. In north-west some animals may appear more brown. Legs darker than rest of body . Head quite long and muzzle pointed. Tail long, bushy and uniform grizzled grey. Nothern Namibian population may be different species.
It has a very wide habitat tolerance, from forest to open scrub. Particularly common in the southern coastal areas and adjacent interior.
Active by day, altough tends to lie up during the hottest part of the day in summer. Usually solitary but pairs and family parties are occasionally seen. It makes use of regular pathways within home range. Home ranges overlap considerably and although this species marks with glandular secretions it is not known wether it is territorial.
Invertebrates (mainly insects) amd small rodents; also carrion, birds, reptiles, amphibians and wild fruits.
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(en) Small grey mongoose
(sc) Galerella pulverulenta
(nl) Kaapse grijze mangoeste
(af) Klein grysmuishond