Slender mongoose

Total length 50 - 65 cm; tail 23 - 30 cm; mass 500 - 800 g (male), 370 - 560 g (female)
Body colour of this slender species varies from grizzled yellow-brown to rich red-brown; latter colour most frequently encountered in the north-western areas of the subregion. Species in central and northern Namibia are usually dark brown but reddish-brown specimen also occur. Tail bushy and black-tipped. When the animal runs, tail typically held well clear of ground and often vertical, but curving forward over back and not rigidly upright as is the case with suricate.
It is found in areas of high and low rainfall, and from forest to open savanna, as long as there is adequate cover.
Terrestrial but climbs well. Usually solitairy. One of most commonly seen small carnivores within its range, particularly along roads.
Insects and other invertebrates; also takes reptiles, small rodents, birds and amphibians as well as wild fruits.
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(en) Slender mongoose
(sc) Galerella sanguinea
(nl) Slanke mangoeste
(af) Swartkwasmuishond