Malachite sunbird

Breeding male has metallic green plumage with yellow pectoral tufts and elongated central tail feathers. Bronzy Sunbird also has tail projections but that species appears black in the field.
Male in eclpise plumage resembles female. With its brown back, female is very similar to female Bronzy Sunbird, but is larger, paler yellow below and lacks distinct streaking below. Juvenile resembles female.
Fynbos, protea- and aloe-covered hills and in montane and coastal scrub; also gardens and parks..
A loud 'tseep-tseep'; song a series of twittering notes.


(en) Malachite sunbird
(sc) Nectarinia famosa
(nl) Emeraldhoningzuiger
(af) Jangroentjie