Green (Redbilled) wood-hoopoe

Larger than Common Scimitarbill, this species has a long, decurved, red bill, red legs, white wing bars and a long tail. In good light, the bottle-green head and back of this species distinguishes it from Violet Wood-Hoopoe.
Female has the bill less decurved and shorter than that of male. Juvenile has a black bill but it is far less decurved than that of Common Scimitarbill. Juvenile male has a brown throat patch; juvenile female has a black throat patch.
A wide variety of woodland and thornveld habitats.
Harsh chattering and cackling, usually uttered by groups of birds.


(en) Green wood-hoopoe
(sc) Phoeniculus purpureus
(nl) Groene kakelaar
(af) Rooibekkakelaar