Green-winged pytilia (Melba finch)

Could be confused with Orange-winged Pytilia but is much more brightly coloured, male showing a crimson bill, forehead and throat, a blue-grey nape, and boldly barred belly and flanks. It lacks the orange wing panel of Orange-winged Pytilia.
Female has an all-grey head and upper breast, and differs from female Orange-winged Pytilia in being brighter, barred dark grey on white below, and lacking the orange wing panels. juvenile resembles female but is more olive above and plain greyish below.
Thornveld and dry broad-leaved woodland.
A pretty, trilling song that rises and falls in pitch; also al short 'wick'.


(en) Green-winged pytilia
(sc) Pytilia melba
(nl) Melba-astrild
(af) Gewone melba