Fiscal flycatcher

Often mistaken for Common Fiscal, but is easily recognised in flight as it has a shorter tail with conspicuous white patches on the sides; its bill is thin and flat (not stubby and hooked), and the white in the wings is confined to the secondaries (not on the shoulders). It is larger than male Collared Flycatcher which has a white collar and lacks the white tail panels.
Female is brown (not black) above. Juvenile is a dull version of female, spotted and scalloped above and below with brown.
Bush, scrub, suburban gardens and exotic plantations.
A weak, soft, chittering song; a 'tssisk' alarm call.


(en) Fiscal flycatcher
(sc) Sigelus silens
(nl) Klauwiervliegenvanger
(af) Fiskaalvlieëvanger