Common ostrich

By far the largest bird of the region; flightless. Male is black with a grey neck, predominantly white wings and a pale chestnut tail. In female, the body feathering and tail are brown and the wings off-white.
Juvenile resembles a small female; chicks resembles a korhaan but has a flattened bill and thick legs.
Feral stock ground on farms virtually throughout the region.
Nocturnal; a booming, leonine roar.
Ostriches live in nomadic tribes of 5 - 50 individuals and eat mainly plant matter.
They can sprint up to 70 km per hour and they have a powerful (front and forward only) kick.
Its eye is bigger than its brain.
Starts to lay eggs at the age of 4. Eggs are in communal nests, but a female can recognize her own eggs.
Eggs take 35 to 40 days to hatch, of 45 minutes to hard boil.


(en) Common ostrich
(sc) Struthio camelus
(nl) Struisvogel
(af) Volstruis