Capped wheatear

With its conspicuous white forehead, eyebrow stripe and black cap, the adult is unmistakable.
Juvenile differs from similar non-breeding adult and juvenile Northern Wheatear by its larger size, small patch of white at the base of its outer tail feathers, buff tipping to the feathers on the upperparts and the presence of a diffuse, speckled breast band. Juvenile could also be confused with female Buff-streaked Chat but has a white (not buff) rump, and is found in quite different habitat.
Barren, sandy or stony areas and short grassland in flat country.
A 'chik-chik' alarm note; song a lound warbling with slurred chattering.


(en) Capped wheatear
(sc) Oenanthe pileata
(nl) Aardtapuit
(af) Hoëveldskaapwagter