Cape white-eye

Usually distinguished from African Yellow White-eye by its greyish underparts and green (not yellow) upperparts. However, birds in Mpumalanga have pale green almost yellow backs; here, only the greyish green vent and greenish (not yellow) head differentiates this species from African Yellow White-eye. Lacks the obvious buff sides to the breast and flanks of Orange River White-eye.
Juvenile is duller than adult.
Forests, woodland, savanna, exotic plantations and suburban gardens.
This bird feeds mainly on insects but also soft fleshy flowers, nectar, fruit and small grains.
A soft, sweet 'tweee-tuuu-twee-twee', often repeated.


(en) Cape white-eye
(sc) Zosterops capensis
(nl) Kaapse brilvogel
(af) Kaapse glasogie