Cape glossy starling

The short-tailed 'glossy' starlings are difficult to distinguish in the field unless seen at close range. This species differs from Greater Blue-eared and Miombo Blue-eared Starlings by its uniformely glossy green ear patches and head and glossy green belly and flanks. It may be distinguished from the smaller Black-bellied Starling by its generally brighter, shinier plumage and by the belly being green, not dull black.
Juvenile is duller than adult, with dullstraw-yellow (not bright orange-yellow) eyes.
Thornveld, mixed woodland and suburbia.
Song a slurred 'trrr-chree-chrrrr'.


(en) Cape glossy starling
(sc) Lamprotornis nitens
(nl) Roodschouder-glansspreeuw
(af) Kleinglansspreeu