African (bluebilled) firefinch

The distinctive grey (not pink) crown and nape differentiate this species from the very similar Jameson's Firefinch. In the northern race, the whole head is washed pinkish; African Firefinch is then distinguished from Jameson's Firefinch by the complete lack of pink on its darker back and wings.
Male has a deep red face and underparts, shading to black on the belly and undertail. Female is pinkish brown below. Both sexes have white spots on the flanks. Juvenile resembles female but is overall less pink, more brown.
Thickets in thornveld, riverine scrub, forest edges and suburbia.
A fast clicking 'trrt-trrt-trrt-trrt', like a fishing reel as the line is played out, and a 'wink-wink-wink'.


(en) African firefinch
(sc) Lagonosticta rubricata
(nl) Donkerrode amarant
(af) Kaapse vuurvinkie