Springbok pronking

Springbok often go into bouts of repeated high leaps of up to 2 meters into the air in a practice known as "pronking"
(Afrikaans and Dutch: pronk, to show off) or "stotting". While pronking, the Springbok repeatedly leaps into the air in a particular stiff-legged posture, with its back bowed and the white fan lifted. While the exact cause of this behaviour is unknown, springbok exhibit this activity when they are nervous or otherwise excited. One theory is pronking is meant to indicate to predators that they have been spotted. Another is the springbok show off their individual strength and fitness so the predator will go for another (presumably weaker) member of the group. Another opinion is springbok and other similar
antelopes do this to spray scent secreted from a gland near the heel.

(en) Springbok
(sc) Antidorcas marsupialis
(nl) Springbok
(af) Springbok