Lilac-breasted roller eating

Eating habits
The lilac-breasted roller feeds on a variety of insects, scorpions, frogs centipedes, small snakes, lizards, small birds and rodents. It is often found perched on top of a bush or in a tree. It generally sits tight on a perch before pouncing on nearby prey.
These pictures were taken close to Bedinkt waterhole. We saw the lilac-breasted roller swooping down from its perch picking up the baby mouse and returning to a nearby branch. It skilfully manouvered its prey to an edible orientation, even tossing the little mouse up in the air a few times before swallowing it head to tail.

(en) Lilac-breasted roller
(sc) Coracias caudatus
(nl) Vorkstaartscharrelaar
(af) Gewone troupant