Cheetah hunting in the Nossob riverbed
Four cheetahs successfully hunt a springbok in the nossob riverbed
Early morning, a family of four cheetahs and a herd of springbok.
All of a sudden there is a panic. Birds flying away, springbok running away. The the cheetahs have started the chase. They manage to catch one springbok. Then, repeatedly, they let it go, just to catch it all over again. It is probably a training session for the young ones in the family group.
Eventually the springbok is killed and feeding starts. By then a lot of black-backed jackals have arrived. First only one
or two of the cheetahs take notice and chase the jackals away. But after a while it seems all the cheetahs forget to protect their kill and they all chase the jackals.
Then the jackals take care of the remains, while the cheetahs find a place to lay down in the shade.