Cheetah hunting in the Auob riverbed (2)
Cheetah mother Hanri hunts a spingbok in the Auob riverbed
Early in the morning we had spotted Hanri with her two cubs when they came for a short drink to Rooibrak waterhole. They looked not
very well fed and they didn't drink a lot. After the visit to the waterhole the morther walked purposefully along the river bed, the
cubs following playfully. After a while they all laid down in the shade of a big tree.
Later that morning we saw them again and they were looking out along the riverbed, where a group of springbok was casually walking
towards them. Both mother and cubs laid down very low and the springboks sisn't notice while strolling along the riverbed. After
about two thirds of the herd had passed, Hanri jumped up and chased a twice across the riverbed, catching it eventually in the bushes
on the other side of the river. The two cubs had jumped up when their mother started the chase, but it looked like they did not know
what to do until the hunt was over and they could run to their mom to share the kill.
It was spectacular to see the cheetah chasing the springbok in full speed.