Cheetah hunting in the Auob riverbed (1)
Four young cheetahs go for a steenbok in the auob riverbed, outcome unknown
We had spotted a group of four young cheetah along the road between 13th and 14th borehole. It looked as if they were scanning the riverbed for prey, but a but later, they slowly walked away.
Approximately fifteen minutes later, a little but closer to 13th borehole, the four cheetah returned. They were looking intently
into the riverbed and they quietly crossed the road. It was fun to see how they were all stepping carefully between the prickly
Upon entering the riverbed, a few started to move to the side and we suspected they were trying to encircle their intended prey animal. We spotted a pair of steenbok under a camelthorn, the potential prey.
When the hunt started, everything happened extremely fast. One of the steenbok ran away, crossing the roiad just before our car, and
the cheetah's chased it. The steenbok headed for the dunes and we were unable to see how the chase ended.