Cape cobra in car

Cape cobra hitching a ride
On the road, just a few kilometers north of Nossob we spotted a cape cobra by the side of the road. It posed nicely for our
camera for a while. Then it slided under our car and it didn't reappear on the other side.
After a little while we carefully drove forward, carefully checking the road around our vehicle, but we didn't see the snake
anymore. The only logical conclusion was that the snake had somehow attached itself to our car. Of course we were keen to getr rid of this hitchhiker, so we drove back to Nossob.
Staff members Marlon and Steven assisted us by first finding the snake, which had found a nice warm spot near the engine. Steven
removed the cape cobra from our car and first released it just outside the gate. But it immedeately slided back into Nossob camp.
After recapturing it, Steven and Marlon put the snake in an empty dustbin and drove it a few kilometers out of camp to release it.

(en) Cape cobra
(sc) Naja niveau
(nl) Kaapse cobra
(af) Geelslang