Bateleur family

Bateleur behaviour
Bateleur eagles are active during the day, spending most of their time in the air searching for food. When not in flight, they spend most of the time perched or standing on the ground at the waters' edge. Like most birds of
prey, they enjoy the sun and spread their wings like solar panels to absorb the sun's rays.
Bateleur eagles pair for life and stay in the same nest for several years. Unpaired adults can sometimes be seen near a nest site. The unpaired bird is not rejected by the mating pair but it does not help with nesting.
Bateleur Eagles are mostly silent birds, but when they do emit sound, it is a harsh "kau kau kau", generally followed by "koaagh koaagh". Simultaneously they will lift their half-open wings as part of a territorial display.

Cubitje Quap
Cubitje Quap waterhole is a good location for spotting bateleur. The residential birds often come to the waterhole in the afternoon, where they will stand in the water or at the water edge to take a drink. We have often seem both adult and juvenile bateleur at this waterhole.

(en) Bateleur
(sc) Terathopius ecaudatus
(nl) Bateleur
(af) Berghaan