Wood sandpiper

Intermediate in size between Common and Green Sandpipers, which it superficially resembles. Distinguished from Green Sandpiper by the paler upperparts with pale flecking, the grey (not black) underwings and the yellower legs, and by its less streaked breast. Lacks the white shoulderpatch, dark rump and tail and the wing bar of Common Sandpiper, and has a different flight action. Darker and browner than the Common Greenshank or Marsh Sandpiper, and has a square white rump. Distinguished from Lesser Yellowlegs by its smaller size, longer white eyestripe, less streaked breast, and by the wings not projecting beyond the tail at rest.
Juvenile resembles adult but is warmer brown above.
Occurs at a wide range of wetland types throughout the region, but is rare on the coast.
A very vocal species, with high-pitched, slightly descending 'chiff-iff-iff'.


(en) Wood sandpiper
(sc) Tringa glareola
(nl) Bosruiter
(af) Bosruiter