Vervet monkey

Male: Total length 100 - 130 cm; tail 60 - 75 cm; mass 4 - 8 kg
Female: Total length 90 - 110 cm; tail 48 - 65 cm; mass 3,5 - 5,0 kg
This is a well-known animal with its grizzled grey, fairly long , coarse hair and typical monkey appearance. Its underparts are paler than its upperparts and are frequently white. The face is short-haired and black. with a rim of white hair across the forehead and down the sides of the cheeks. The hands and feet are black. However there are several subspecies occuring in southern Africa with some variation in colour. The animals from northern Namibia usually have very pale feet and hands while the subspecies in the Tete district of Mozambique has a reddish back. The general hair colour varies from area to area but this monkey is unlikely to be confused with any other species. The adult male has a distinctive bright blue scrotum.
Savanna and riverine woodland.
Vervet monkeys live in troops of up to twenty individuals and more. The formation of large groups will generally be associated with an abundant food source or water. They are completely diurnal and sleep in trees at night or more rarely on cliffs. A distinct pecking order is established in the troop. They forage in a well-defined homerange, spending much of their time on the ground. They frequently raid crops and gardens and are in consequence heavily persecuted.
Vervet monkeys are mainly vegetarians, eating fruits, flowers, leaves, gum and seeds, but they also eat a wide range of invertebrates and small vertebrates such as nesting birds.
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(en) Vervet monkey
(sc) Chlorocebus aethiops
(nl) Groene meerkat
(af) Blouaap