Southern tree agama

Very large agama wioth broad head. The ear openings are larger than the eyes. Scales on the body are small, rhomboidal and keeled, with those along the back larger and mixed with scattered enlarged, spiny scales.
Breeding males have a dull blue to bluish back, with bright blue to straw-yellow spines. The head is coppery-green to brilliant ultramarine on top, blue-green on the sides and peacock blue on the throat. There is a large black spot on each side above the shoulder, and a broad blue-green to yellowish vertebral stripe. The tail is dull green to olive-brown.
Females and non-breeding males are olive to green-brown, marbled with black above, with a black shoulder spot. Juveniles have a similar groiund colour with dark X-shapes surrounded by white blotches along the sides. The tail is banded with dark brown and black.
Open savannah, particularly with Brachystegia and Acacia trees.


(en) Southern tree agama
(sc) Acanthocercus atricollis
(nl) Blauwkeelagame
(af) Suidelike boomkoggelmander