Southern masked-weaver

Breeding male is distinguished from Lesser Masked-weaver by its brown (not grey) legs, red (not white) eyes, and the black mask that terminates on the forehead, not the mid-crown; the mask forms a point on the throat. It differs from Village Weaver in having a uniformly dull green (not yellow-spotted) back.
Female has a greenish back with some streaking, and is buffy on the breast and belly. The eye is brown. Non-breeding resembles female but has red eyes. Juvenile resembles female.
Savanna and grassland. Breeds colonially in trees overhanging water; sometimes nests far from water in thornveld and suburbia.
A sharp 'zik-zik', and the usual swizzling weaver notes.


(en) Southern masked-weaver
(sc) Ploceus velatus
(nl) Maskerwever
(af) Swartkeelgeelvink