Lanner falcon

The rufous forehead and crown and pinkish, unmarked underparts distinguish this species from Peregrine Falcon. It also has broader, more rounded wings, a longer tail and a floppier, less dynamic flight action than Peregrine Falcon.
Sexes alike except in size - female is larger. Juvenile is much paler than juvenile Peregrine Falcon, with less streaking on the underparts and a pale creamy or rufous crown.
A wide range of habitats, from mountainous terrain to deserts and open grassland. Avoids forests.
A harsh 'kak-kak-kak-kak-kak', similar to call of peregrine falcon; also gives whining and chopping notes.


(en) Lanner falcon
(sc) Falco biarmicus
(nl) Lannervalk
(af) Edelvalk