Kittlitz's plover

The black forehead line that extends behind the eye to the nape is distinctive when this species is breeding. The breast is variably creamy buff to chestnut, and there is a dark shoulder patch. The head is less well marked in non-breeding plumage, with the pale buffy ring around the crown extending to the nape. There is a dark eye patch at all times.
Juvenile may be distinguished from juvenile White-fronted Plover by the broad, buffy eyebrow stripe extending onto the buffy (not white) nape.
Found throughout in dried muddy or short grassy areas near water; also on mudflats in estuaries and coastal lagoons.
A short, clipped trill 'kittip'.


(en) Kittlitz's plover
(sc) Charadrius pecuarius
(nl) Herdersplevier
(af) Geelborsstrandkiewiet