Jackal buzzard

Adult has blackish upperparts with a bright chestnut breast, a black-and-white barred belly and a short, rufous tail. In flight, it vaguely resembles adult Bateleur but the longer tail, broader wing tips and more flapping flight action eliminate confusion. Jackal Buzzards with white breasts (found mainly in the northwest of the range) can be distinguished from Augur Buzzard by their black, not white, underwing coverts.
Juvenile is easily mistaken for Steppe Buzzard but has larger broader wings and a pale, unbarred undertail.
Generally confined to mountain ranges and adjacent grassland.
A loud, drawn-out, 'weeaah-ka-ka-ka', much like the yelp of Black-Backed Jackal. Male's call higher-pitched than female's.


(en) Jackal buzzard
(sc) Buteo rufofuscus
(nl) Jakhalsbuizerd
(af) Rooiborsjakkalsvoël