Half-collared kingfisher

The black bill is diagnostic and is nog seen on any other small adult blue kingfisher in the region. It is larger than Malachite Kingfisher, with which it overlaps in distribution, but lacks the turquoise crest and can be differentiated by the black bill and blue cheeks. It may be distinguished from juvenile Malachite Kingfisher (which also has a dark bill) by its larger size, blue, not chestnut cheeks and the lack of the turquoise crest.
Juvenile has black-tipped breast feathers and appears barred.
Wooded streams and, less often, coastal lagoons.
A high-pitched 'chreep' or a softer 'peeek-peek'.


(en) Half-collared kingfisher
(sc) Alcedo semitorquata
(nl) Kobaltijsvogel
(af) Blouvisvanger