Groundscraper thrush

Distinguished from Spotted Ground-Thrush by the lack of white bars on its wing coverts and by the bolder, more contrasting black face markings; its habitat is also quite different. In flight, it shows a chestnut panel in the wing. It differs from the much smaller Dusky Lark by its bolder face markings and pale grey upperparts.
Juvenile is speckled off-white on the onderparts, with conspicuous white tips to the wing coverts; the spots on the underside are smaller than in adult.
Dry thornveld, open broad-leaved woodland, parks and gardens.
Specific name (litsitsirupa) is onomatopoeic of its song: a loud, clear and varied, whistling phrase.


(en) Groundscraper thrush
(sc) Psophocichla litsitsirupa
(nl) Acacialijster
(af) Gevlekte lyster