Greylag goose

The Greylag Goose is the species from which most farmyard geese were bred as can be seen by comparing their calls and the size, shape and colour of their bills and feet. In the wild the big deep-based bill, pink or orange is always diagnostic and the pink legs would rule out any species other than Pink-foot. Greylags are also bigger, bulkier and paler than other grey geese. The head, neck, chest, belly, upperwing, underwing and rump can all look conspicuously pale grey, making flight identification relatively easy.
Breeds on boggy moorland, often near water. Winters on flooded grassland, estuaries and arable fields.
A loud cackling call, 'kiyaaa-ga-ga'.


(en) Greylag goose
(sc) Anser anser
(nl) Grauwe gans