Great (White) egret

The largest white heron in the region. Legs and feet are black at all times. Breeding bird has elaborate plumes, a black bill and lime-green lores; in non-breeding plumage lacks plumes and has a yellow bill. Differs from Yellow-Billed Egret by its larger size, longer and heavier bill with gape extending behind the eye, and much longer, thinner neck, which is usually held kinked in an 'S' shape. Distinguished from Little Egret by its much larger size and black (not yellow) toes.
Juvenile and immature resemble non-breeding adult.
Freshwater dams, lakes, flooded meadows, estuaries and lagoons.
A low, heron-like 'waaaark'


(en) Great egret
(sc) Ardea alba
(nl) Grote zilverreiger
(af) Grootwitreier