Crowned lapwing (plover)

A large unmistakable plover, with its black cap surrounded by a white 'halo'. The legs and basal part of the bill are red. The sandy brown breast is separated from the white belly by a black band.
Juvenile is much like adult but is less strikingly marked. The upperparts are more scalloped, the legs are paler and the crown is barred with buff.
Short grassland (either grazed or burnt); also on golf courses, playing fields and fallow land. Aggregates in small flocks, especially when not breeding. Regularly associates with Black-winged Lapwings.
They use their long bill to dig in the soil for food. They prefer insects and earth worms. For this they will stamp on the ground (known as food padding). The worms, thinking that it is raining, will burrow to the top, only to become lunch.
They are an extremely noisy species, especially during breeding.
They will dive-bomb any intruders.
A loud, grating 'kreep', day and night.


(en) Crowned lapwing
(sc) Vanellus coronatus
(nl) Diadeemkievit
(af) Kroonkiewiet