Common sandpiper

This species shows an abvious white shoulder in front of the closed wing. The legs are dull green. Wood sandpiper is larger and longer-legged, and has pale spotting on the upperparts and a white rump. Green sandpiper is larger and has a white rump and black underwings. The flight comprises bursts of shallow wing beats on slightly bowed wings, interspersed with short glides. It has a prominent pale wing bar, brown rump and barred sides to the dark tail. Continually bobs rear end, much more so than Tringa waders.
Juvenile resembles adult.
Wide range of wetland types, including rivers.
A very shrill 'ti-ti-ti'.


(en) Common sandpiper
(sc) Actitis hypoleucos
(nl) Oeverloper
(af) Gewone ruiter